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Delta Tactical utilizes a Tactical Training Advancement Program (TTAP) approach to its curriculum.

Delta Tactical provides world class firearms instruction and training classes for individuals and groups who aspire to improve their knowledge, safety and proficiency with firearms and tactical firearm applications. With a variety of course options, we tailor fit each course to address the specific needs of participants to ensure each student advances and develops their knowledge and proficiency of firearms and firearms applications. Furthermore, Delta Tactical leverages a specialized program to continuously track participants’ skill level and progression. This progress-tracking program allows our instructors to customize training within any particular course and optimize every participant’s training based on their individual needs and capabilities. Ultimately, the goal for Delta Tactical is to ensure that each client achieves his or her desired level of firearm and tactical training objectives, while promoting and practicing safety at all times.

Tactical Pistol Training

Develop the skills needed to properly and efficiently operate a pistol for use in tactical situations.

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Tactical Rifle Training

Learn how to effectively operate a tactical carbine under varying levels of stress and situations.

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Learn various tactics that work inside and outside of the home.

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