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Tactical Firearms Training

We are professional instructors providing the best tactical firearms training in Georgia. From the novice seeking how to safely use a pistol for self defense to the veteran with experience using an M4 Carbine, Delta Tactical has a firearms course for you. We can even create a customized course based on your personal goals.

All course use our TTAP (Tactical Training Advancement Program) to track your progress and allow us to optimize your training time. Class sizes are limited to allow our firearms instructors the individual attention needed for every student progress to the next level.

We also provide training for women only. This will facilitate a more open atmosphere of learning and lower the intimidation factor with larger groups. Feel free to contact us for more info on a women only class.

You can find our list of classes on our calendar or you can register now for the next available class for Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol and Intro to Tactical Rifle.

Atlanta’s Best Tactical Firearms Training



Tactical Pistol Training

Tactical Firearms Training

Participants in our pistol based firearms training courses will be introduced to a variety of handgun manipulation and employment techniques necessary for proficient tactical pistol operation and tactics. Students will also learn proper drawing techniques, reloading, and rapid target acquisition under varying degrees of stress. All courses are custom tailored to each participants’ individual skill level and needs to ensure all students experience the highest and most professional level of tactical pistol training.


Tactical Rifle Training

Tactical Firearms Training for rifles and Carbines

The rifle based firearms training courses are designed  to educate and develop each students’ knowledge and proficiency with tactical rifle functionality, fundamentals, and operation. The basic tactical rifle course will use the AR platform to prepare students for the next level of training. In the Advanced Tactical Carbine course, the student will learn proper techniques involving the acquisition of multiple targets, combat reloads. and dealing with malfunctions