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Advanced Tactical Carbine


Our Advanced Tactical Carbine course will introduce students to a variety of rifle manipulation and employment techniques necessary for proficient tactical carbine operation and tactics. Students will also learn proper techniques involving the acquisition of multiple targets, combat reloads. and dealing with malfunctions  All courses are custom tailored to each participants’ individual skill level and needs to ensure all students experience the highest and most professional level of tactical carbine training

Course Topics:

  • Engage single targets and multiple targets at varying distances
  • Complete combat and tactical reloads
  • Properly diagnose and correct weapon malfunctions
  • Eliminate threats utilizing cover and concealment
  • Stress induced Shooting scenarios

Required Equipment:

  • Minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition
  • Must bring your own Carbine
  • Two extra magazines (3 Total)
  • Closed Toe Shoes or boots (No sandals or slip-ons)

Prerequisite: Intro to Carbine (within the past 12 months)

Course Price: $250

Duration: 3 Hours

Please Note:

50% non-refundable deposit is required upfront to reserve your spot.

Students will have the options to purchase ammunition and any needed supplies from Johns Creek Gun Range prior to the class. However, firearm specific supplies are not guaranteed to be in stock. Please plan accordingly.